got my wedding gown!

December 26th, 2009

I picked up my wedding gown today! Two of my bridesmaids, a groomsmen, and 3 friends came along to pick up my gown with me. I tried it on, I modeled it, I chose a veil to go with it and I even have some videofootage. Can’t wait to show you guys.

Another exciting thing was me and 4 of my bridesmaids woke up at the crack of dawn to go shopping for bridesmaids dresses at the Cabazon Outlets. We were SOOO lucky to find dresses at the BCBG store in the Max & Cleo brand. They are cute and elegant and great for a summer wedding. The colors go well with our theme too. I may or may not blog about them so that it’s a surprise on our wedding day. We’ll see…

I think that was way too many exciting things in one day…especially for the day after Christmas when we’re all already on a high from that special holiday and the gifts we got to open. It’s going to absolutely be an exciting 2010!!

our wedding theme

December 14th, 2009

We’ve been engaged for almost a year now so I had plenty of time to think about and search for a theme. Since I know most couples do not have the luxury of a year, I guess that’s one of the first things you should jump into researching upon getting engaged. Rob didn’t care too much as long as it wasn’t something completely pink. I researched from every possible source: magazines, paint swatches, blogs, wedding websites, wrapping paper, etc.  I jumped the entire color spectrum before landing on something we both liked. We finally decided on a theme based around these table numbers that I found on a wedding product website:


I didn’t completely fall for it when I first laid eyes on it. It kinda grew on me over a month of failed search attempts for other suitable themes. In the end I think it works out perfectly.

  • General theme: whimsical, rustic, yet elegant (with birds of course!)
  • Base colors: ivory, gold, and chocolate
  • Floral colors to complement the base colors: oranges, purples, deep reds with a splash of faded green

If you must know…I was leaning towards a light pink, fuchsia, gray, and black colored theme before deciding on the above. We think the color choices we made go better with the venue than pink and black would have, don’t cha agree?

our nyc engagement shoot

December 7th, 2009

The long anticipated showcase of our NYC engagement photos are ready to be shown! We didn’t want to earlier since the first look would be in our save the dates. Now that they’re sent out, we’re ready to show you some of the other beautiful shots Duy and Nam took for us in and around the city. Here are just some of my favorite shots from the shoot.

We are in the elevator of Laura’s building.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

This is my favorite candid shot that Nam captured for us.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

Taken in front of some brownstones on Bleecker and Perry near the Marc Jacobs Accessories store.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

I really wanted a shot of our reflection in the water on cobblestone streets. We certainly got it with the taxi in the background as a plus!
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

I think this umbrella shot is so adorable. We were actually just standing around and it was sprinkling and Anh told Rob to kiss me on the cheek.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

It was sprinkling on and off and we loved the wet cobblestone look.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

On the Brooklyn Bridge.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

What sweet nothings is Rob whispering in my ear? You’ll never know!
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

Us and the city.
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot

We’d like you to enjoy this 4 minute Animoto compilation of images and video clips from the shoot. You get to see some behind the scenes footage of how the day went.

We must express our appreciation to all those who had a hand in it:

  • Duy: for working so hard on taking the images and being so patient with me as I kept wanting to ‘check’ the images right after each shot.
  • Nam: for 2nd shooting alongside Duy and carrying the gear.
  • Anne: for buying the beautiful flowers, for running around the city showing us all the spots I had envisioned, and for carrying a lot of the gear.
  • Anh: for being my personal shopper and choosing my outfits; for learning how to create my up-do and re-doing it a few days later; for videotaping clips of the photoshoot and for carrying a lot of the gear.
  • Tina: for making me look supa hot in smoky eyes and putting together the beautiful bouquet of fall colored flowers.
  • Dan: for running around to find all the spots and carrying a lot of the gear.
  • Gwen Huyen: for putting out the time to teach Anh how to construct my up-do.
  • Laura: for providing the space for us to converge upon to get ready; for cooking us breakfast more than once and for providing us a place to stay for the long weekend.

Part of the support team with me:
Thao and Robert NYC Shoot Support Team

Isn’t it great how they all manage to look fabulous while supporting us at the same time?

Being the subjects in a photoshoot, we’ve learned that bringing along a pair of flip flops is a life saver to your feet when you’re wearing heels–especially when walking thru a city like NY from spot to spot (you may have caught that short clip of me slipping on my flip flops while Rob carried my heels in the Animoto video). It’s also so helpful to have at least 1 person come along to carry your extra belongings that you cannot guard or hold yourself during the shoot. We were extremely lucky to have the luxury of a 2-person photography team and a 3-person support entourage.

The fun stuff: where did I get my outfits from?

  1. Outfit #1: Dress and belt from Forever 21. Jewelry from Jindeli Jewelry of NYC and Anne’s personal collection. Black heels are from Laura’s personal collection.
  2. Outfit #2: My top, skirt, gold belt, and flower hair pin came from H&M. My baby pink heels are from Guess bought from DSW; it’s made of satin material and is so cute with the off-sided bow and built in half inch platform. My necklace came from Jindeli Jewelry and pearl earrings borrowed from Anh.

If you really want to know where Rob got his outfits, please ask!

Save the Date: July 31, 2010

December 2nd, 2009

If you’re reading this post now, that means you were pointed here by the save the date card you received or by a person who received a save the date card. We welcome everyone to visit often to see how our wedding planning is going while we share ideas and post our thoughts on things that go on during the whole process. We’ve learned a lot already and hope to share it so that future couples can learn from our mistakes, ideas, and experiences.

There’s already so many topics I want to touch upon, but each one merits its own post for a future blog. Such topics as: Who’s going to be my photographer since I’m also a photographer? Why a summer wedding when I’ve always wanted a fall wedding? What’s your wedding theme/colors? The first topic that I will address is the save the date card/magnet itself.

Voila! Isn’t it lovely?

From the magnet (and this website) you can already guess at the theme and colors. It’s near and dear to me since Robert designed it himself.  It took about 3 weeks to come up with several different designs using a variety of images from our engagement shoot in NYC (that will be in a very near future blog post). After 5 or so designs, we decided on the above.

Two other save the date designs:


Why magnets and not paper? Why not just word of mouth even? You can already tell we are the unconventional type. In all the weddings where we were guests, we’ve never received a save the date card, let alone a magnet type! With paper many people just read and toss. With magnets it’s fun to stick on your fridge or cubicle at work for the next 8 months so you really won’t forget our wedding date.

We ordered thru They offer magnets for all occasions and also paper invitations amongst other items. If you plan on ordering from there,  make sure to look up some coupon codes before placing your order. There’s plenty of codes floating around. They also provided foil lined envelopes for the magnets so that was a plus!

Now, we didn’t go completely card-less or paper-less with the save the dates either. I single handedly made 80 magnet card holders in 8 variations in a 2-day period. Back breaking work I tell yah! Pictured below is just a few of the variations.


Because we didn’t have enough of the same paper we had to pick and choose a variety that would mostly match our theme to create 80 cards in total. For the cut-out of the the word “save the date” we used the Sweethearts Cricut Cartridge that I newly acquired from Walmart at the Black Friday sale. Scored with getting it for only $30 vs $89 retail. One of the best investments I’ve made in a while. It may have been a lot of work making the magnet holders but it was well worth it. Therapeutic to do some crafty stuff with my hands after having to stare at a computer screen night and day for the last year.

Less than 8 months to go! Time’s going to fly.

I have a lot to say, don’t I? Can you tell how excited I am? I’ve waited 13 years for this day to come and it’s finally here so I’m savoring every moment, every detail, every thought.