our honeymoon

April 29th, 2010

We booked our honeymoon! With Anne’s diligent help we were able to make this an unforgettable trip. From August 4th – 13th we’ll be spending our time relaxing in Tahiti on the islands of Bora Bora and Moorea.

Our first stop is the Intercontinental Resort & Spa Moorea. For 4 nights we’ll be in a bungalow beach room with access to the beach right outside our terrace. Breakfast included on all 4 mornings and a black pearl pendant is gifted to us.

Our second stop is the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa.  The first night will be in an overwater bungalow and the last 2 nights we have our own beach suite. Breakfast included on all 3 mornings. The best part of the beach suite is our own private outdoor garden-enclosed jacuzzi!! On top of that, located on the other end of our suite is direct access to the sandy beach. And since we’re on our honeymoon there will be complimentary champagne and a gift of a single loose black pearl. I’ll prob have it mounted into a ring or a necklace to commemorate our time spent there.

Check out the floor plans.

Can’t wait!! Can you feel my excitement?!? Now it’s time to plan our activities. Woohoo!!!

Thanks soo much for your help, Anne!!

Oh…our alternative was a 12-day Princess Mediterranean Cruise from Rome to Venice. We’ll save Europe for another time when we can explore it on land vs from port to port.

7 Responses to “our honeymoon”

  1. anne on April 29, 2010 2:42 pm

    now you will remember me when you have sexy time on your honeymoon. you guys will have an awesome fantabulous time!

  2. anuwett on April 29, 2010 2:48 pm

    oh yes, they will be having plenty of sexy time. rob will want to install a private jacuzzi immediately upon their return. !que romantico!

  3. Frances on April 29, 2010 4:14 pm

    sexy time is just a funny term.

  4. Jennypho on April 29, 2010 9:47 pm

    “sexy time” haha

    Wish I can fit in your suitcase, but I’ll let you two have your sexy time alone. 😀

  5. mareyberry on April 30, 2010 12:07 am

    I would have definitely voted for this island paradise instead of the cruise! This looks amazing u guys are going to have an unforgettable honeymoon!

  6. Helen on April 30, 2010 8:37 am

    Woohooo! You’re going to our honeymoon destination! Good choice selection! There will be plenty of “baby making time” — We stayed at the Intercontinental Resort in both Moorea and Bora Bora. They have superb customer service and you will walk away feeling like a celeb or queen! NO JOKE!

    Moorea is a beautiful island, but not in comparison to Bora Bora. I would recommend renting a dune buggy there. It took us about an hour to drive around the entire island. It’s itty bitty. You should also check out the Tiki Village Cultural Centre. There’s a lot of history to be learned. The show and dinner is a plus! We also did the shark and ray feeding, plus had a picnic on a secluded island. I was scared for my life, but it was fun!

    Bora Bora is to die for! It’s a 10 on my scale! The myriad of blue in the ocean is amazing. To me, it’s the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen. Check out Bloody Mary — the food was d-lish. We did jetskiing, canoeing, snorkeling, shopping, 4×4 excursion and spa/massage there. We spent most of our time relaxing on our resort though.

    Overall, you will learn that the tahitian folks are very welcoming and warm. I felt safe on both islands.

    P.S. You will see a lot of “vu and dit” …. You can go to the beach European style, too!

    Have a great time guys! 🙂

  7. hoowen on May 6, 2010 9:20 am

    Bora Bora sounds sexy-sexy…. I’m excited for you guys!

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