my pre-wedding beauty regimen

October 15th, 2010

So…on the day that I will be most photographed in my life, what sort of beauty regimen did I have in store to prepare to look my very best?

  • Braces for 6 weeks to correct the shifting of my teeth due to the lack of wearing a retainer. My orthodontist was Dr. Christopher H. Nguyen.
  • Crest white strips – Rob and I started this in late June so that we can have huge pearly whites that day. Purchased at Costco.
  • Gym! Rob went 4x a week for about 6 months while I worked out twice weekly.
  • Eyelash extensions done by Cindy Newell – they are so awesome and so hot. My dad commented that I had bunny eyes. hahaha!!
  • Manicure – the 1st time in my life getting acrylic nails done. They were pretty blinged out done by Robin at the David Douglas Salon & Spa in Tustin.
  • Pedicure – The bridesmaids and myself all had the same toe nail color in OPI’s Privacy Please. Done a couple days before at my favorite spot: Super Nail Tek.
  • Eyebrows waxed at Super Nail Tek done a couple days before the wedding.
  • Haircut (just a trim) so the curls can hold better by Gwen Huyen. This was done a few days before the wedding.
  • Facial for my face and back at Advance Beauty College. Do this at least 2 weeks before the big day! Never know if you’ll have a reaction.

Meet the lovely Robin who did my awesome nails!

You can see my crazy lashes in this shot. Do I look like a bunny?

Close-up shot of my champagne tipped colored nails.

Another angle of the nails. I was hesitant to get them at first but am so glad I did! Uses my real nails and all she does is give it volume with gel and a touch of bling at the tips. Very classy and natural looking.

Gwen introduced me to Robin and I’ve gotten my nails filled 3x already! From champagne to pink to red and probably purple tips next for Hawaii!

OPI nail color Privacy Please for our toes.

Here’s a quick snap of my niece, sister, and mom at the nail salon.

My awesome lash extensions! I went in for 2 sessions and there’s ~160 lashes added on to each eye. Very full! Cindy did a FANTASTIC job!

Another angle of the lashes. Since they’re on my own lashes it looks more natural.

For the white strips we used Crest’s Advanced Vivid.

Are our smiles nice and bright?

My curls stayed put all day with the help of a trim. Gwen did a great job!

I thought this post would help future brides plan ahead for their big day. I know I did quite a lot in preparation for it and only hoped someone around my area could share with me what they did and where they went for services to look their very best. Are you a bride or future bride? Share with me what you did or plan on doing to prepare!

Wedding day photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography.

3 Responses to “my pre-wedding beauty regimen”

  1. tdang on October 15, 2010 11:06 am

    talk about prep work! it all paid off.

    nice smile rob. 😉

  2. Rob on October 15, 2010 2:09 pm

    Thanks Thanh, you got me blushing.

  3. Kristine on October 15, 2010 7:34 pm

    Thao, your ring is stunning! Great job Robert! Is it from Tiffanys? Tacori?

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