happy 1 year anniversary

November 13th, 2010

We revealed in a blog post earlier this year that we were already legally married. Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of being recognized as a legal institution. We thought it would also be fitting to bid you all farewell as this will also be our last blog post on our wedding website. We had tremendous joy sharing our wedding adventures with the world and it’s time for us to stop reflecting on the past and to look to our future together as a family. We thank you for sharing in the fun ride of wedding planning with us and hope to maybe someday start up our family blog. ┬áIf you would like to keep up with me, shoot over to my photography blog and consider hiring me to photograph your wedding.

We bid you farewell with a little secret and a ton of formal portraits taken on our wedding day.

Robert’s ring is engraved on the inside with our official wedding date.

Right across from it is engraved: love never fails. It was the last line from our 2nd reading at our ceremony.

Now…enjoy the many wonderful portraits taken by the talented Kim Le.

Good luck to all the couples getting married and wedding planning. We hope our blog is an inspiration and helpful guide/reference.

To my husband: one year has flown by so quickly. I truly do love you more with everyday that passes and I wish all couples out there can experience what we’re experiencing. Thru out our busy lives I hope to remember to stop and soak in our cherished time together. One year has already gone by and I don’t think I’ve stopped to appreciate it enough. I love you, babe! You truly rock my world.

Wedding day photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography.

it’s been 13 years…

May 11th, 2010

…that robert and i have officially been a couple. Though we did have a couple months of courtship it was official on May 11, 1997. In our fun search for a “what-if-we-got-married-what-day-would-we-choose” wedding date, we realized the year that May 11th would be on a Saturday would be skipped b/c of a leap year (from a Friday in 2007 to a Sunday in 2008). It would have been great to just remember and celebrate just 1 anniversary date, but we definitely did not feel like waiting another 3 years for that to happen [the next time it lands on a Saturday is in 2013].

So how did it become official? Well, it was just one of those nights where I snuck out late at night to meet up with Rob. We drove to a park in Santa Ana somewhere and stayed up all night just chit chatting. I ended up coercing him into asking me to be his girlfriend at 5:35am. He was planning on officially asking me the following Saturday at our junior prom, but me being me and always getting what I want, I completely spoiled it.

Just to note: May 11th in 1997 was also Mother’s Day. Let’s just say it wasn’t such a happy day for my mom since she caught her 16 year old daughter sneaking out–again–with the boyfriend she had yet to approve of and love like a son. =)

Here we are 6 days after making it official. Can’t believe my parents still let me attend prom after what I pulled off earlier in the week. If I were my kid I’d be grounded for the entire summer. *lucky for me, I’m not!* Happy 13th anniversary babe!

how do you like my two-toned arm and rob’s stache?