honeymoon resort 3: bora bora

September 1st, 2010

Feast your eyes on Bora Bora folks!! I feel so blessed to have been able to visit this place and see its beauty with my very own eyes. Nothing compares to it than anything I’ve seen in my life. It was super fun and eye candy all the way. Glad we took tons of photos to remember our days there. Enjoy the story telling below.

Upon landing in Bora Bora I spotted Audrina Patridge at the food counter with her boyfriend Corey Bohan. She was on her way home (hence the shell necklace) while I had the flower lei on as a welcome.

Our bedroom for 1 night.

The glass bottom table that slides open.

Can you imagine the great parties we can throw on this deck? Such a waste that it was only me and Rob.

We were greeted with champagne.

Rob and I finished the entire bottle.

We were pleasantly surprised with a note and gift from the Dang family. They got us a couples massage! So sweet of them!! Thank you Tony, Helen, Aiden, and Dylan! We enjoyed it very much.

That first night in Bora Bora we went up to the main resort to find some dinner. To our dismay the only thing offered was a buffet that cost $90 per person. Seeing such the high price tag we opted to go back to our room to order room service instead which ended up being much cheaper. Too bad they ended up bringing us the worst caesar salad we have ever tasted. If you know me, you know I order caesar salad everywhere I go so I know my caesar salads. Good thing that was the only bad thing about Bora Bora.

Since we only had 1 night in the overwater bungalow, we wanted to make the most of our time there. Woke up before sunrise to catch every minute of Bora Bora’s colors coming to life.

Our neighbor’s bungalow at sunrise.

The bungalow we called ours for only 16 hours.

I love how this photo gives us perspective on the location of the bungalow and the beauty of the view.

Ariel view of the resort. We stayed in the one that is circled.

The overwater bungalow system. I really wonder where stuff goes when you flush the toilets on ’em? Somebody please find the answer to that one!

So happy to be in Bora Bora that I had to jump for joy.

This is the resort’s pool area.

This is the resort’s white sand beaches.

We went swimming and snorkeling around our overwater bungalow. I’m sitting on our deck drying up. Thanks, Helen & Cat, for the bikini!

Rob is pretty far out and the water is still only to his waist and swimming pool clear. I think that’s just nuts and unheard of.

What a gorgeous view. I can sunbathe in this view all day any day.

Mimi comes out to enjoy the sun.

We lure the coral fish to come around with some dinner rolls.

Here’s video of the luring with bread.

A panoramic shot before we say good-bye to the gorgeous view. Click on the image for a full view.

We bid our overwater bungalow good-bye. Our time there was short but the memories were great!

The walkway up to our beach bungalow we call home for the last 2 nights in Bora Bora.

I think it’s so great how the whole structure is 90% bamboo. Feels like Gilligan’s Island but in a 5 star kind of way.

Beach bungalow living room.

Beach bungalow bedroom.

Even the bathroom sink and shower is outdoors.

And we have our own private jacuzzi and loungers.

Rob chillin’ in our living room enjoying the view.

The view out the window. Isn’t that just heavenly?

Can’t forget the Maui Babe.

Can’t get enough of relaxation in a hammock.

Relaxing in paradise outside our beach bungalow.

Rob chillin’ in his mini fort.

Hang drying his and hers swimwear.

Rob waiting to get on the boat to the main island.

St. James beachfront restaurant

Rob enjoying a beer and the view.

Rob taking a much needed nap on the hammock.

Rob drinking some cognac, listening to some music with Mimi.

Photo op time.

There’s a faint rainbow behind us. Hard to see.

It started sprinkling a bit and a rainbow appeared!

Ready for dinner. Waiting for the boat ride to the main island.

We had our best meal at Le Matira Beach Restaurant on our last night in Bora Bora.

Complimentary tuna dish.


Lobster tail and filet

Souffle dessert

On our last day we went kayaking and fed the coral fish.

Rob feeding the coral fish from the bungalow deck.

Underwater shot of the coral fish.

The coral fish swimming around Rob.

Short video clip of the under water coral fish action.

Some jacuzzi time before checking out.

After check out we had a good 6 hours before departing so we made our way back into town where we sent out a few postcards.

We also had time to chill on the road ghetto style and finish off the last of our cognac.

I received a free pearl in Moorea and Bora Bora and decided to put the 2 onto a ring to commemorate our honeymoon.

The good-bye sunset from Bora Bora.

Rob waiting for our ride at LAX.

Overall we LOVED our time in Tahiti. Bora Bora is an amazing place. If you can afford it, spend your entire honeymoon there. Everything’s just much more expensive on that island versus the main island of Tahiti and the island of Moorea. We were glad to have spent time on 2 islands to get a different perspective of things and to change things up as well. I think we’d love to go back someday but there is so much more of the world we want to see. If we have that luxury we would definitely love to make a return visit–hopefully with friends in tow.

our honeymoon

April 29th, 2010

We booked our honeymoon! With Anne’s diligent help we were able to make this an unforgettable trip. From August 4th – 13th we’ll be spending our time relaxing in Tahiti on the islands of Bora Bora and Moorea.

Our first stop is the Intercontinental Resort & Spa Moorea. For 4 nights we’ll be in a bungalow beach room with access to the beach right outside our terrace. Breakfast included on all 4 mornings and a black pearl pendant is gifted to us.

Our second stop is the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa.  The first night will be in an overwater bungalow and the last 2 nights we have our own beach suite. Breakfast included on all 3 mornings. The best part of the beach suite is our own private outdoor garden-enclosed jacuzzi!! On top of that, located on the other end of our suite is direct access to the sandy beach. And since we’re on our honeymoon there will be complimentary champagne and a gift of a single loose black pearl. I’ll prob have it mounted into a ring or a necklace to commemorate our time spent there.

Check out the floor plans.

Can’t wait!! Can you feel my excitement?!? Now it’s time to plan our activities. Woohoo!!!

Thanks soo much for your help, Anne!!

Oh…our alternative was a 12-day Princess Mediterranean Cruise from Rome to Venice. We’ll save Europe for another time when we can explore it on land vs from port to port.