the bachelor party

June 27th, 2010

Ahhh Cancun! What would you expect 15 guys to do in one of the biggest party destinations in the world? Well I will fill you in on some of the activities: we spent a lot of time at the pool, went to the library to read books, went to church almost daily, volunteered at the local orphanage, and walked around the resort to pick up trash. Riiiiiiight.

Thursday morning everyone is packed and ready to go on our 4-day trip to The Royal in Cancun.  Well before we actually get on the plane, we decide to get the party started at LAX and I am not talking about the exclusive nightclub in Los Angeles. We actually hit up the airport bar for a few rounds before we were ready to board. David decides he wants to charge the bill and guess what? DECLINED! This was right before he realized he “lost” his passport. Too awesome.

Most of us were bunched up towards the middle of the plane, you could imagine how obnoxious we probably were. Dan requested to be moved near us, but the flight attendant said, “you don’t want to sit next to those guys.” So he decided to do a little partying of his own from his seat. The drink cart (portable bar) came around 3 times and on the 3rd round Dan was actually cut-off, as in, he was not allowed to order any additional alcoholic beverages.

It was a long flight, so we had to find out how to entertain ourselves. Tony (with the help of Jen) made a black mamba sock. Too bad he got attacked by his own creation.

Now let’s see what kind of trouble can we get ourselves into at this 5-star, all inclusive, adult only resort.

We get to the resort and it is amazing. In room jacuzzi.

Swim Up Pool

24 Hour Self-Serve Bar

Later that night we played Ring of Fire

Day 2

We did a group shotgun

David does a 2x piña colada w/ 3 shots of Johnnie Walker in a beer bong

Beertender Richard struts his stuff

Thanhimal enjoying the ocean water

Starting to get tipsy

Done @ 7pm

Or Am I? Yeah I am (and it’s only 10pm)! I had Duy escort me back to his room

Day 3

This is our big drinking day, we start at 10am and do not finish until 7am the next morning. That’s 21 hours of drinking for those of you who don’t have a digital watch.

Everyone got a 10am beer bong wake up call, here is Dennis doing it from his bed.

Duy captured some really nice group shots, sorry no shirts

Quang Chillaxing

Kevin gazing out to the cool blue ocean

The boys dumping beer on me like I just won male stripper of the year

It is lunch and time to feed Shamu

And now for some extreme beer bonging… Eric carries David on his shoulders

Shamu beer bong

Tony’s underwater beer bong

Dan gets choke slammed by Elvis and does beer bong

Not to be outdone by Duy’s choke slam from Eric after finishing a beer bong

Day 4

It’s checkout time!

After checkout, some of us go to mass at the hotel next door. Great view!

What a great weekend, we are now on our way home…

Thanks to Dan, Darren, David, Dennis, Duy, Elvis, Eric, John, Kevin, Quang, Richard, Thanh, Tony and Tyrone for making this all possible. I had a really nice time and can’t wait for the next bachelor to have his turn.

our bachelor and bachelorette parties

May 18th, 2010

In 2 days Rob and I will be embarking to 2 very separate locales, 2,400 miles apart with drastically different weather forecasts, but for the very same reason: to celebrate/mourn our single-dome. In tow we each bring along over a dozen friends to mark this momentous occasion.

Rob and the guys are flying south to Cancun, Mexico. Me and the girls are headed north to Napa/San Francisco, CA.

In Cancun the boys will be staying at the all inclusive resort of The Royal in Cancun. They won’t have to worry about starving or having enough alcohol–it comes free flowing 24/7. All they’ll need are board shorts,  sunscreen, and sunglasses for a good old time in the sun and water.

For the gals our first night is at the luxurious Vino Bello Resort in Napa where we’ll be vineyard hopping and taking photos at the many picturesque vineyards we visit.  The next two nights will be spent in the city for site seeing and clubbing fun. We’re staying at the Hilton SF Union Square close in proximity to all the hot spots. The part I’m looking forward to most is getting all girly and glammed up with all 15 girls everyday. It’s when girls get to be girls and have a ton of fun.

I’m like so SUPER DUPER excited about this trip I prob won’t be able to sleep the next few nights. Can’t wait to blog about what we did, what we wore, the PG details, and share a limited number of photos next week when we get back. I can’t say much, if anything, about the Cancun trip so hopefully I can get Rob to blog an entry about his time there for you guys to read.

Sneak peek of part of the fun the gals will be having. Note: Tony is not part of the fun. He is the westside throwing coat hanger for our feather boa’s.