wooden signs

September 21st, 2010

As you can tell, many elements were DIY (do it yourself) projects including all these wooden signs featured on our wedding day. The first you already know about from my blog back in July regarding the road signs. Most made by my now future cousin-in-law, Nancy (my cousin, Quang, proposed just weeks ago!). There were just a few other wooden projects we threw into the mix. I found these projects to be challenging, fun, and stressful, but in the end very rewarding. It’s the pride I get in knowing sweat, love, and much care were put into making them.

Here are the 3 road signs that lead to our reception venue:

The 1st sign indicating up ahead.

The 2nd indicating left here.

The last indicating right here which was placed right outside the gates to Rancho Las Lomas.

My coordinator, Kelly Duprat, worked tirelessly to buy balloons and put them up all along the way leading up to the venue. She also posted up the wooden road signs you see above. That was only 1 very good reason I desperately needed an extra hired hand that day.

The second set of wooden signs we made were for the seating chart. It started off being a simpler cardboard with paper idea project which turned into something much more complicated, difficult, and elaborate than I had ever imagined. This ended up being the VERY last thing we finished the evening before the wedding.

The 1st of two 4′ x 2′ plywood boards that acted as the seating chart board. Every wood element was stained the same color; even the easels we purchased from Michael’s.

How they looked set-up at the reception check-in area.

Our crafty friend, Stephanie, handwrote all the numbers in gold paint.

Gold paper from Paper Source.

The paper was glued onto the 4″ x 6″ wood blocks with special glue spray. It was a bit messy but did the trick!

If you’ve gone thru a wedding before, you can only imagine why this was done last. With all the changes in seating and last min cancellations, we had to keep moving people around up to the very last minute! Thanks to Tony for cutting and staining the wood and helping Rob nail on the pieces. Like how the pieces are so perfectly lined up? That’s all Rob’s work. Very meticulous and precise.

This 3rd sign we made far in advance with the help of Tony once again. He created a stencil sticker that we stuck onto the wood in which we painted in the letters with brown paint. Stephanie hand drew in the vines in gold paint.

This sign hung at the top of the archway looking into our cake.

The 4th and last set of signs were made by our friend, Boumy, who had also set up the candy station for us. These were also done last minute and decorated thru out the reception where appropriate.

‘Just Married’ was displayed on the halfmoon ledge right next to our sweetheart table.

‘Photobooth’ leaned up against our photobooth station.

‘Candy Shop’ was front and center in front of our candy station.

What the heck are we gonna do with all these signs now that the wedding is over? There’s been talk of a bonfire to gather friends for a relaxing evening at the beach to put these signs to rest. I’m still very fond of ’em since so much care and work were put into them so I’m not sure when I can let ’em all go just yet; perhaps when I run out of storage space. Anyone want to reuse some of ’em?

Photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography.

chair signs

September 12th, 2010

From the get go I knew I wanted chair signs for me and Robert. What I decided a month out were signs for my bridesmaids and groomsmen. I wanted them to feel extra special that day since they are special people in our lives. A few weeks before the wedding Rob and I worked on their chair signs together. We kept it a secret as a little surprise for them when they arrive at their seats. Check it out below.

Gold cardstock and off white paper purchased from Paper Source. Robert designed each sign in Illustrator and printed them out.

Crystals were applied on either side of their titles.

Detailing of the purple crystal.

Detailing of the orange crystal.

Punched holes on the top corners and roped chocolate brown silk ribbon to tie onto the chairs.

This is how they turned out looking at the reception.

Gwen Huyen lookin’ awesome in her chair and bouquet in hand.

Jen and Tony at the end of the night posing with their chair signs and silhouette cut out from Carl Johnson.

The signs we made for our chairs were a bit different. We purchased heart shaped vines from Save on Crafts online store. Our 6″ tall wood block initials were purchased from Michael’s and crackle painted to give them a vintage look. Here’s the finished product.

I think they came out pretty awesome. Trying to find a spot in our home to hang ’em up now. [big props to tdang for initiating the crackle paint process]

I also wanted to make signs for the flowergirls and parents but ran out of paper and time to do so. A sure sign that tells us we can do more if we start earlier and not procrastinate. I think this was a very cheap and easy way of making people in your life feel special. It’s also a great detail and nice touch to the wedding.

Some of the photos above are courtesy of Kim Le Photography.

our money box

August 26th, 2010

Taking a break from honeymoon blogging to share with you our moneybox.  It’s not just any generic moneybox–it is one of a kind, custom made with TLC (tender loving care) by our friend Stephanie.  The detailing on it is tremendous and quite simply: FABULOUS!  I can talk all I want day and night about it but only photos (since you can’t see it in person) can show you the true craftsmanship that went into this little home that Robert and I can call our first home together.  Stephanie is super talented and we are so blessed by her friendship that she thoughtfully made this for us. Now if I can only convince her to start selling these on Etsy she might bless you with her talent also, but for now I am lucky to call her a very close and dear friend who will only do projects for herself and close ones. =)

Welcome to our home! See the slot on the roof to slide in the cards?

Lace ribbon detailing for our rooftop.

Our initials over the doorway.

The side of our home. Check out the hanging icicles!

My favorite detail of the home: the date it was established!

Aren’t the buttons so adorable?!?

Our 2 flower bushes holding up the sign.

If you really think Steph should start offering this in her very own Etsy store, please comment away. Every comment counts b/c it is more encouragement for her to start. I think her talent is too great not to be shared with the world.

road signs

July 23rd, 2010

realizing that our guests can easily get lost on the way to the reception we had a couple friends make road signs to be posted along the canyon roads to point guests in the right direction. really–with this size of a sign and us posting what it looks like in advance, our guests have almost no excuse to get lost. watch out for 2 of these signs once you get close to the destination that evening!

check out nancy’s concentration. it’s almost as if she’s studying for a huge final the way she’s drawing.

jen working hard like a master painter. van gogh in the making here folks!

quang had to get in on the action and get some sort of credit.

check out the detailing on that!

this is about 4 feet tall. it will also have balloons flying from it that day so you can’t miss it!

i love the fat birds. they are so adorable.

i have such awesome friends who work on making the signs AND remember to take photos to document it so that i can blog. they are the BEST!

bridal shower sneak peek

March 1st, 2010

Gwen Huyen, one of my bridesmaids, and Boumy, one of my dear friends, are collaborating on planning my bridal shower. It isn’t happening until late June but these gals are already on it! Last week guests were sent a sneak peek / save the date card to the all girls soiree. Boumy designed the invitation with a Stampin’ Up stamp set called “For the Bride”. How suitable is that!?! She had the gracious help of Steph and Jen in putting them together.

I love the purple bling.

Look at how cute the flower holds down the flap to reveal the details.

Check out the stack of sneak peeks before they were sent off.
Boumy hand wrote each guest’s name and address.

Very Vanilla paper along with Elegant Eggplant Purple ink from Stampin’ Up was used. Gold paper is from Paper Source. The flower punch is from Martha Stewart.

I feel so blessed and like the luckiest gal alive to have such great girl friends.