dance lessons

July 27th, 2010

Robert and I took ballroom dance lessons at Starball Dance Studio.  Our instructor is the owner, Quoc Duong (Tom), who has been dancing professionally for over 20 years. Our friends Anne & Dan and Helen & Tony also took lessons with him for their first dances a few years ago.

Rob with the owner’s dog, PhiPhi. She was such a joy to have around at our lessons. We looked forward to each and every lesson there just to play with her. She’s super friendly, loves to be scratched and warmed up to us very quickly. We will truly miss her. The image on the wall to the right of Robert is of our dance instructor. He’s so smooth!

We’ll be doing a waltz to a shortened version of the song “Two is Better Than One” from the band Boys Like Girls. Don’t judge us too much on our mistakes–we’re pretty amateur and took only 7 lessons.

40 days to go…

June 21st, 2010

time has definitely flown by since our first blog post on this site. eventhough i’ve done my very best to get as many things done as far in advance as possible, there’s still a ton of things left on the to do list.

one very important thing: our first dance. we start lessons in 2 days and only have 38 days to perfect a 3 min song. if you know us, you know we both don’t dance much but i promise you we’ll try our very best to put on a great show. any advice? wish us luck!