in love with my bridesmaids!

September 8th, 2010

I love how my bridesmaids outfits, accessories, make-up, hair-do, bouquets all turned out. Everything for them came together PERFECTLY. I never thought anything could be so detailed before in my life. I think they are the most detailed thing about the wedding. Take a look below at all things bridesmaids. Only photos can tell the story completely.

They wore matching Nina heels. I also got the same pair to wear with my ao dai’s and first dance.

This is the first dress that they wore for the tea ceremonies. We got them at the BCBG sample sale for $10 each!!

Their first earrings to wear with their first outfit. Sooo cute. From F21.

First hairclip is purple to match their dress. From Icing.

Make-up done flawlessly by the talented Anha.

A view of their first dress from the tea ceremony.

Sneak peek of the boys behind the gals. They were also pretty matchy as well. That’s another blog post!

Aren’t those pearl bracelets to DIE for?? (from nordies) And the gorgeous bouquet!

Love the pearls that much to post it again!

LOVED the bouquet that much to post another shot of it.
KC Florals went way beyond our expectations!

Bling initials of each girls’ name on their bouquet.

They work so well together spraying anti static for each other.

Jen got caught snoozing off with her elbow propping up her head to not ruin her hair do.

Here are my gals with their matching getting ready outfits and embroidered Chloe bags. Purple sweaters and black tanks from F21.

Up close shot of the Chloe bags.

Stack of garters that hold phones and flasks.

Here’s a taste of one of ’em.

I had a flask also but no garter holster.

KC and Gwen having a fun time with a silly hair-do.

Jen peeking out from under my gown while helping me get ready.

Happy fingers with my bridesmaids at church.
Their 2nd dresses are Max & Chloe for only $35!

Their 2nd hair clips. From Icing. I also wore the same one for photos.

showing off their garter holsters and flasks

I’m wearing the same cream floral hair clip here.
I really love how they match so well. It still amazes me.

Even their backsides look great!

Photos above are a combination from Kim Le Photography and Anha Nguyen Photography.

night before the wedding

July 30th, 2010

so what did the gals do the night before the wedding?

sleep early…

have a snack before bed…

and of course fill up our flasks with plenty of booze!

Talk to you all tomorrow! Rob and I will be blogging live on the go from our phones. We installed the wordpress app and are excited to use it all day tomorrow to update everyone on our wedding day adventures. Good night and sweet dreams!

oh yeah…its the last night i will be sleeping alone. i’ve been looking forward to spending the rest of my days with rob and it’s here!!!


July 7th, 2010

An early gift to our wedding party: flasks!

We were not intending to gift these to them THIS early but with all this talk about buying flasks in preparation for the wedding, we had to! Else they’d end up with multiple flasks when we already intended to gift them each with one.

Our bridesmaids received a personalized, blinged 2.5 oz stainless steel flask.
When I saw these online I knew I had to get them for my bridesmaids. They are so cute, so girly, and just so fabulous! I wanted my ladies to be drinking in style. Too bad I didn’t get one for myself.

Our groomsmen received a personalized 6 oz stainless steel flask.

Here are the 2 side by side so you can see the size difference.

Robert got me an honorary one like the boys in the 6 oz. I should have returned the favor and gotten him an honorary blinged one, huh?!?

The girls received their flasks towards the end of the bridal shower and were ECSTATIC over ’em! Huge hit at the shower. Our bridesmaids are already brainstorming ideas over making garter holsters for these so they can carry ’em around in style on the wedding day. If any of you ladies out there want to get your own, hit me up and I’ll give you the site I had purchased them from.

I was soo happy to see them so excited about their gifts. Gwen was so sweet when she said the flask is one of the most favorite gifts she has ever received. Giving thoughtful gifts is one of my most favorite things because in turn you make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that in turn is one of the greatest feelings a giver can experience. =)