the groom’s attire

October 11th, 2010

We’ve talked about all my outfits so its time for my husband to shine. He wore 1 outfit the entire day versus my outrageous 5! He didn’t want to have to worry about changing at all so one outfit suited him perfectly so his attention can be on enjoying the day. Yes, with just 1 outfit that means he opted not to wear the traditional ao dai as we were hoping he would earlier this year. I didn’t mind too much–it was his day too and I wanted him to be happy with what he wore.

Initially we had purchased Rob the same exact suit as the groomsmen. After doing so we realized any of the groomsmen could easily be mistaken for the groom so we went on an immediate search for another suit color that would go well with our theme and with the guys outfits. With just less than 2 months away we finally were able to put it altogether perfectly.

Suit from the Alfani Red line at Macy’s. They didn’t make a vest in the same color so we had to purchase the largest pair of pants we can find and had the vest custom tailored at Van Quan Tailor in the Asian Mall. Doesn’t he look quite handsome? I had tears in my eyes the first time I saw him in the entire outfit. Totally didn’t expect that!

French cuff shirt from Nordstrom
Silk tie from Bloomingdales
Silk pocket square from Macy’s
Tie and pocket square were chosen to match my ivory/champagne gown.

He had his initial at the tip of his tie like the rest of the groomsmen.

Cuff links from weddingchannel store. Engraved with T&R.

Shoes from Nordstrom – Savona Silvano Sassetti.
Argyle socks on the left from Banana Republic to match the groomsmen.
Flask socks on the right from Urban Outfitters to match the groomsmen.

Groom’s gift of a Brietling Navitimer World watch from NQ Jewellers.

I surprised Rob the morning of the wedding with the watch to remember me and our wedding day. He rarely ever wears it, but you can prob catch a glimpse of it when he wears it on special occasions and events.

side note: today we have been together for 161 months!

Photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography.

the groomsmen

September 17th, 2010

For the groomsmen we knew from the start we wanted them to wear suits, not tuxes and definitely not black. Since we already had the girls’ dresses chosen earlier in the year, it was easier to search for a guys suit to complement it. Their outfits were also pretty detailed; almost as much as the bridesmaids. These guys were all very responsive and open to ideas/suggestions which made it an easy task to coordinate things. I personally think they were so attentive b/c they’re scared I’d whip ’em into shape if they didn’t answer emails. Hahaha j/k!! I’d have to say it was just as fun shopping for them as it was for the girls. Check things out below and see how awesome they looked in their various outfits and accessories.

What was worn all day:

  • J. Alexander suits from 3 Day Suit Broker in Fountain Valley
  • Calvin Klein purple cuff links
  • Silk purple pocket squares from Macy’s
  • Sean John dress shirts
  • For a steal we found Calvin Klein vests that were such a close match to the suit color. They were on clearance at the Macy’s in Mission Viejo and were only $20 each. We weren’t even actively looking and we just landed on them! They didn’t have ’em all in their sizes so we had to get ’em tailored a bit but it all worked out great. Such luck and fate.

Goofing off at 3 Day Suit Broker.

For your enjoyment, a short video from the suit tryouts.

The guy’s cufflinks. Rob’s is different.

Main outfit for the tea and wedding ceremonies consisted of:

  • Calvin Klein Body slim ties in satin purple.
  • Kenneth Cole brown dress shoes.
  • Banana Republic brown argyle socks.

You have to agree, these guys are lookin’ sharp!

As a personal touch the guys decided to add bling to their ties since the bridesmaids had bling initials on their bouquets.

Being a little silly.

Banana Republic argyle socks worn by Rob and the groomsmen. The groomsmen had matching brown Kenneth Cole shoes.

As a secondary outfit the guys switched things up a bit at the reception:

  • Corduroy bow ties from Urban Outfitters at $5 each!
  • Flask socks also from Urban Outfitters.
  • A gift from us: Converse Jack Purcell John Varvatos Oxford Low Profile Leather in noce/milk

In this image you can see a little better how the cufflinks are purple.
The vest had a bit of texture while the suit was completely flat but the colors matched up very well.

The groomsmen in their 2nd outfits.

Yup, these bowties were only $5 from Urban!
The Sean John shirts had a checkered pattern to it.

Check out those flask socks! One of you guys have to enlighten me about what is so funny.

Quang, Elvis, and Tony having a little bit of fun.

My partner in crime, Duy and my cousin, Quang.

My bro-in-law, Elvis and my talented friend, Tony.

David in both his outfits.

I was very happy with how their outfits turned out. They all looked so handsome and complemented the bridesmaids very well.

Photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography.