mission sjc photo session

March 18th, 2010

The week leading up to this shoot was quite an anxious one. All week long the forecast was rain. I prayed everyday that the forecasters were wrong and that by Friday we’d see just cloudy/overcast skies. Although I do love cloudy day shoots–I for sure did not want a rainy one when I’m wearing my gown. By a miracle of some sort (probably from Anne’s rain dance) it didn’t start to rain until exactly 5pm when the mission closed its doors for the day. We were uber lucky and thankful to not see a single drop of rain until it was really time to leave.

I have so many shots I want to share so for all intensive purposes the ones featured in this post are just from the Mission that Duy shot. I will share studio ones in another post at a later date.  Enjoy!

Hair by Gwen Huyen Tran
Make-up by Anha Nguyen
Photography by Duy Nguyen of Thao Vu Photography
Flowers by KC Floral Designs
Tulle veil made by Stephanie Le

Doesn’t Rob look so handsome?!? polished to perfection! His suit was custom made in Vietnam, it’s not the one he’ll wear on the wedding day.

i think this photo shows me most like Belle (my fav cartoon character)

this is the fiercest “model” look i can do

peek-a-boo at my blingin’ shoes

wish we could say our vows in this kind of setting

i love sniffling shots!

oh yeah…we have yet another 3rd and final ‘engagement’ shoot this Saturday. it is vintage themed. can’t wait to share those!

photo session sneak peek

March 14th, 2010

We had our formal session at Mission San Juan Capistrano last week. Here’s a sneak peek.

Photo by Benedick David.