bachelorette party day 3: sf

June 6th, 2010

The final day of the trip was jam packed, but SOO much fun. If there’s such a thing as too much fun this day would be it. We went from fun-filled colorful by day to classy sexy by night to pajama romping slumber party by late-night.

After a long night of partying at Infusion Lounge only half the girls made it to breakfast. I was not one of them; the thought of food made me want to yack so I steered clear of solids til lunch. After distributing feather boas we headed out to the Fisherman’s Wharf to start our segway tour with City Segway Tours. I have to say I LOVE riding segways. Why have I not discovered it til now and why do I not have one of my own?!? If you have not tried riding one you must do so asap. After a short learning curve you and the segway will become one. It’s really an indescribable feeling.

Watching a short instructional video. Love the colors? Dress code for this portion was black tops (jackets) and blue jeans.

Getting trained.

Free riding on the pier. What a beautiful SF day.

All the gals pointing to me.

Admiring the SF skyline.

Group jump with the Golden Gate bridge behind us.

Segwaying thru the mean streets of SF.

Group hug.

We got a ton of compliments on our feather boas. People were snapping photos and videotaping us like we were a tourist attraction. Traces of us were left all over the city. The tour company even requested that we send our group photos to them to feature on their site.

Footwear by day.

Footwear by night.

For the main attraction we headed out to Asia SF for dinner and entertainment. Don’t we all look great in our coordinated outfits and veiled hair pieces? We got a shout-out over the mic for our veils. Go US! Dress code was…you guessed it–black dresses while I wore red to stand out.

Don’t these ladies look HOT?!?

Customized menu for the evening.

It may have been my party, but you still couldn’t take the camera away from me. I promise not to have one at the wedding though. =) oh…my dress is from Zac Posen for Target. I love the ruffles on it!

A tribute to KimChi.

Sitting in the hot seat on stage. Somebody save me!

This is the raciest photo I am willingly, publicly sharing. The look on my face is begging for help/mercy but the audience, seen in the mirrors, (half being my group of gals) are just laughing and enjoying me being tortured on stage!

Me and Chloe at the end of the show. Thank goodness (s)he was nice to me.

Me with many other bachelorettes.

A closer shot of some of the veils.

Me with my bridesmaids.

Group shot.

Ended the night back in the hotel room in our pj’s for some hilarious games.

Back in Long Beach.

I would like to send out a heartfelt thanks to all the ladies who made it out to my bachelorette party weekend. Every one of you made it so special and memorable for me–I am truly blessed. I will cherish the time we spent together and hold dear all the memories we created. Nothing can break the bond we kindled that weekend. I can’t remember when a memory would bring a wide smile to my face like this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A very special thanks goes out to my dear sister and bridesmaid, KimChi, who did an awesome job orchestrating everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. It takes a ton of effort to coordinate a trip for 16 girls to multiple cities with multiple events, outfits, transportation, dinners, arrival/departure times, expenses, etc. The list just goes on. All the while raising 2 kids and planning part of rob’s bachelor party. Everything ran so smoothly and I did not have to worry about a single thing. Love you–muah!

bachelorette party day 2: napa into sf

June 1st, 2010

The fun really starts to heat up during day 2. We got more opportunity to take photos–exactly what girls like to do and what I was looking forward to most. We had so much fun posing and doing weird things for the camera. I’ll just have to walk u thru the day with the images…

Started off with wine tasting at Artesa.

Anh and Gwen decide to do a funny dance for the camera.

This dance series could have easily been made into a great animated gif…but I’ll just show the 1 photo of the series for now.

Jen was great at posing for me. What a great backdrop huh? Everything was so green.

Nancy volunteered to sit out to take this photo for us.

Then they had me pose by myself…

No idea what Anh and I are singing/doing. Just looks funny to me.

Practicing our cougar stance.

Lunch was at Redd. Food was very yummy. KC only chooses the best for us.

And yup, I met and took a pix with yet another chef.

After lunch was a pit stop at Bouchon Bakery.

Gwen blind taste tests a foie gras doggy biscuit. She’s on a foie gras high from Redd so KC thought it’d be a great way to continue her high.

Check out the foie gras doggy biscuit video:

After lunch was olive and olive oil learnings at Round Pond.

Yet some more posing…

Our version of the “Sex & the City” walk…but we dub it “Sex & the Vineyard”. This series of photos could have also been made into a nice animated gif, but I shall also save that for a later date.

Love this shot of Gwen.

Being silly.

SF time!! An additional 6 girls met us up for this portion of the trip.

Gwen enjoying her food and lookin’ good like always.

This was unplanned but somehow we got on a party bus.

And somehow I was able to make some bucks pole dancing.

The ladies outside Infusion Lounge.

VIP, baby!

I’m so ready to get the party started. Hennessy Black and Grey Goose.

Now this is a hilarious photo…apparently, Nancy was thirstier than any of us and could not wait for the photo before taking her shot.

These ladies make me look so good–I LOVE ’em! Dress code was either all white or white top with black bottoms while I wore a color that popped. We got so many compliments for our great coordination in outfits.

Me with every single one of ’em. I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful ladies come out for a weekend to celebrate with me, for me. I’ve never felt so humbled, happy, and appreciative for all their love and friendship. *tears of joy*

Nancy giving me a dance.

Nancy’s a lil upset we cut her off from the alcohol. =(
You know we love you!

Me showing off my shorts while KC fills in the blank.

A couple of SF officers regulating things outside the club.

Posing outside the club. I got gum on my shoe!