Wedding Party

July 17th, 2010

Flower Girls


Elise is Thao’s niece and God daughter from younger sister KimChi. Elise is 3 years old and has 1 younger sister.

Elise’s favorite color is pink. She enjoys watching all the Disney Princess movies as well as play dress-up. Her favorite place to shop is Target and fav foods are candy, french fries and Pediasure.

Charlotte is Thao’s niece from oldest sister Kymmie. Charlotte is 6 years old and has 2 older sisters.

Her favorite colors are red and pink. She enjoys playing volleyball and riding on her bike as well as watching Spongebob and princess movies/shows. Her favorite food is all types of fruits, especially strawberries and cherries. One day she hopes to become a 2nd grade teacher.

Emma is Robert’s niece from oldest sister Casey. Emma is 8 years old and has 2 older sisters.

Her favorite colors are blue and green. She enjoys swimming and shopping as well as watching Scooby-Doo and Belle movies. Her favorite foods are candy, pizza and salads. One day she hopes to become a veterinarian.


Gwen Huyen
gwen huyen
When the two girls met at 8 and 9 years old, Gwen Huyen Tran did not know that she was destined to become great friends with the soft-spoken Thao Vu. Though Thao loved to paint on deep shades of lip liner and sport loose-fit clothing, she was seemingly quiet and reserved in comparison to the group of young girls she ran with. Huyen quickly acquired the friendship of Thao and her sister KimChi on Sundays spent at St. Callistus Catholic Church. When Thao moved across the country to pursue a short retreat for inner peace, she and Huyen became devoted pen pals, divulging in secrets and teenage life experiences through their numerous adolescent letters. Okay, maybe it was more like teenage gossip. After Thao’s break from O.C. life, she returned to the parish and eventually started dating the guy who sat in the front pew during Sunday mass. Thirteen years later they are known as Rob and Thaoie. After nearly two decades of friendship, Huyen is ecstatic over the upcoming marriage of Thao P. Vu to Robert D. Archey. Of all that’s been lost and given to the three of them throughout the course of their lives, they have been there for each other in a way that needs no acknowledgement.

Gwen Huyen Tran is currently working on hairstyling plans to create a look for Thao that is classy and radiant and for Robert to become the modern day Donald Draper. She is also concurrently planning Thao an intimate, detailed, whimsical, vintage themed bridal shower and since it is her 6th stint as a bridesmaid, she can almost be declared a PRO.

Thao’s younger sister from another (Korean) mother—just kidding! KimChi started dating her husband, Elvis, at around the same time Rob and Thao started dating so the 4 of them have been hanging out for many, many years. KimChi currently enjoys adding to her ever growing shoe collection (more like a gallery), playing fantasy football with the boys, and raising her 2 beautiful daughters: Elise and Chloe. She is currently working on planning a bachelorette party that Thao and her friends will never forget. This is KimChi’s 2nd stint as a bridesmaid; both times for her 2 older sisters.
Thao’s youngest sibling loves online gaming, especially role playing games. She’s gone thru Red Moon and World of Warcraft to name a few and is currently working on Dragon Age on the XBOX 360. She did Thao’s bidding during Rob and Thao’s courtship playing messenger when Rob would come over for late night curbside visits/chats. This is Julie’s 2nd time as a bridesmaid; both times for 2 of her 3 older sisters.
Jennifer shares the same Vietnamese name as the bride. They met thru mutual friends about 7 years ago and have been hanging out ever since. In recent years they’ve been working out on/off together shaping up their guns getting ready for the wedding. Robert and Jen share a special bond called the finger; always there for each other in times of drunken needs. Jen enjoys sleeping, doing Elise & Chloe’s bidding, making cards, and shopping. This is Jen’s 2nd time as a bridesmaid.
Anh Nguyet
anh nguyet
Anh met Thao right around the same time her older sister, Gwen Huyen did; so it’s easy to say they’ve known each other most their lives. Thao fondly dubbed Anh along with several of her friends “LTP” (little tiny people) when they were freshmen in high school. She enjoys being DD for her party posse on the weekends, shopping for good deals, and being crafty whenever she finds the chance. Anh is currently working on finding vintage furniture pieces and a vintage gown for Thao and Robert’s next photo shoot. This is Anh’s 3rd time being a bridesmaid.



Elvis is Robert’s longest friend of the groomsmen bunch. They met in 7th grade and have been great friends ever since. Robert was one of Elvis’ best men at his wedding to Thao’s sister, KimChi, who will also be a bridesmaid. Elvis spends his spare time with his two beautiful daughters Elise and Chloe. He is a professional fantasy football player who tends to draft on emotion, picking players from his beloved San Diego Chargers. Beyond sports, he has a soft spot for traveling throughout the country, jumping at almost any chance to do so. You can always count on Elvis’ great hospitality because he is a true gentleman.

Quang was the man that started it all, he was the matchmaker and helped facilitate Thao & Robert’s friendship with one another. Quang is the bride’s cousin, less than a year apart in age, they share a lot of the same experiences growing up. He enjoys technology, the great outdoors, volunteering for the church, keeping in touch with old friends and spending time with family. In high school he knew what he was destined to do and that calling was to be a competitive eater. Throughout college he would spend his lunches at Del Taco “training.” Quang always appreciates a good conversation, he is constantly devouring new information by way of documentaries via Netflix just so that he is always knowledgeable on any subject. Go ahead and ask him how a curling stone is made.

Tony and Robert have known each other since high school. He is a friend that you can always count on to be unusually prompt to any event. He is the go-to guy for gadgets, automotive enhancement, bargain hunting, and video games. This March, Tony is challenging himself by participating in the 25th Annual Los Angeles Marathon. A competitor at heart, he is always up for any challenge and with enough practice he typically does well. Some of Tony’s greatest achievements are: nearly bowling a perfect game, pitching us to the 2nd best record in our softball league, and mastering the art of kinnearing. Beyond the things mentioned above he is also a talented artist. The next time you see Robert, ask him to show you the caricature Tony drew of him!

David and Robert’s first meeting was online. You really don’t expect 2 guys to hookup online and hit it off, I guess you can call it bromance. Just to clarify things, it was Quang that hooked up with David first later introducing him to Robert. David and Robert will frequently go out late at night for a midnight snack. His interests include trying new foods, staying up late, playing trivia, and watching reruns. David also moves in stealth mode, nobody has him completely figured out yet, but there is a tell-all book currently being written about him. He is spontaneous and that is what makes him so enjoyable to be around.

Duy, alternatively known as Darkman, has known Robert since high school. They share a weird bond; not a bond that makes them hang out with each other ever so frequently, but a bond that brings them together to build something like an arcade machine. That’s because Duy has a love for electronics and is handy with… you guessed it… his hands! He is currently working on a photobooth for the wedding. Coincidentally, Duy is the bride’s photography business partner. His personality can be best described as being a quirky, quick witted, and borderline insane kinda guy. There is never a dull moment when Duy is at the top of his game.

5 Responses to “Wedding Party”

  1. Jen on February 25, 2010 12:12 am

    Yay! been waiting forever to see the rest of the wedding party 🙂

  2. Anne on February 25, 2010 12:44 am

    LOL, Duy is sorta borderline insane.

  3. Quang on February 25, 2010 10:46 am

    duy is borderline? he defines insanity!!

  4. hoowen on April 20, 2010 3:50 pm

    David’s screen name is enticing.

  5. Trung & Lan on July 1, 2010 7:18 pm

    Congratulations, Thao and Robert!

    We will attend your wedding.

    Trung & Lan from Murrieta, CA
    (Lan is a cousin of Robert’s mom)

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